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09 July 2012 @ 06:59 pm
title: one more miracle
rating: pg-13
fandom: sherlock (tv series)
characters: john watson, sherlock holmes, mary morstan
pairings: john/mary, john/sherlock
status: complete
word count: 2,139
summary: “You machine.” The words ring in his ears, the guilt and self-loathing heavy in his heart. The flat is too quiet. His hand develops that tremor again. He gets his gun.
a/n: comments are much appreciated!

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04 September 2011 @ 09:23 pm
title: and in the end it starts again
rating: pg
fandom: harry potter
characters/pairing: harry, hermione, mention of ron; harry/hermione
status: complete
word count: 1,064
summary: her fingers are still enclosed in his and his body aches in so many places and he thinks he can stay like this forever and he remembers, remembers fully, in vivid detail the way they danced in what feels like so long ago, her pressed up against him, moving with him, her teeth flashing white in a surprised and joyful grin as he spun her around, lost in the moment, exuberant.
a/n: this involves the dancing scene from movie canon but follows mostly book canon.

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title: four times severus made a mistake and the one time he didn’t
rating: pg
fandom: harry potter
characters/pairings: severus, lily, james, lucius, voldemort; severus/lily and james/lily
status: complete
word count: 1,609
summary: his friendship with Lily had always felt too good to be true; there was no doubt in his mind that she was too good for him, in so many different ways, and it was with that knowledge that he had learned to dread the inevitable day she would sever their friendship when she realized it too. it is the perfect irony that, in his fear and expectation, he did it first.
a/n: about time I wrote another fic of them, because i love them so. hope you enjoy!

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02 September 2011 @ 09:22 pm
title: in memoriam 
rating:    pg-13 
fandom: lost 
characters/pairing: kate, claire, aaron, sawyer; jack/kate 
genre(s): drama/angst 
word count: 1,670 
status: complete 
spoilers: for the whole series 
summary: there are nights that she still wakes abruptly and reaches out for a figure that isn’t there a split second before she knows it isn’t there and she doesn’t know when she will stop. a part of her dreads the day that she may. 
a/n: it’s been a really long time! this was something I just happened to think of today. hope you enjoy!

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